CIS Podcast#S2

In the second series of podcasts of the cement industry of Serbia, called "Energy from waste", we continue to deal with topics related to the use of waste for energy purposes from different angles.

The guests of the second Podcast series are representatives of the profession, science, environmental organizations and other institutions, who speak from the angles of their professions about the importance of using energy from waste, as a prerequisite for improving the waste management system in Serbia.

In this series, you will found out more about the laws regulating the thermal treatment of waste and their application, the importance of primary waste selection, industrial pollution, landfills as the least desirable option for the environment, but also about examples of good practice from EU countries.


Our first interviewer in the second series of Podcasts is Aleksandar Jovovic, a professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade, an expert in the field of process technology and environmental protection. With Professor Jovovic, we discussed about the laws regulating the use of energy from waste in Serbia and their application, available industrial capacities and their technical and technological readiness for the use of energy from waste.

In this Podcast you will find out: Why is the waste market in Serbia underdeveloped? What are the reasons for the non-introduction of primary waste selection, the low level of recycling and reuse, and landfills overcrowded with waste in Serbia? Is there any hope that we as a society and system can get back on track and manage waste in a responsible way?


In the second Podcast of this series called "Landfill view", Momir Milovanović, director of Public utility company Duboko from Uzice, talks about the situation in Serbia regarding landfilling, the current regulations for waste disposal, the planned lifetime of the Duboko landfill and how job commitment played an important role in achieving goals in the area of waste management in Uzice.

In this Podcast you will find out: Why sorting of waste is important? What are the risks of permanent waste disposal for the environment and human health? What are good practices for reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfills and how did cement industry helped to extend the life of the Duboko landfill.


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