CIS Podcast#S1


A series of Podcasts of the Cement Industry of Serbia entitled: Waste? Yes, thank you!, deals with topics related to the use of energy from waste. It raises questions about production of cement by using waste as an energy source, about regulatory requirements, emissions of pollutants into the air, preventive measures and the waste market. It brings stories about examples of good practice from developed countries, but also about fears and concerns related to the use of energy from waste in Serbia.

Podcast#1 is dedicated to the impacts and effects of co-processing, more precisely the use of energy from waste in the process of cement production. The guests of Podcast#1 are the representatives of the Lafarge Serbia: Dejan Damljanovic, Plant Manager and Marko Muhadinovic, Process and Environmental Manager. Learn more about the technological process that involves the use of waste as an energy source in the cement production process, measures that provide conditions for safe and secure waste treatment, examples of good practice from Austria, the readiness of Lafarge cement plant in Serbia to increase the share of fossil fuel substitution and challenges towards achieving goals.


We dedicated Podcast#2 to control and monitoring iof co-processing. Representatives of the MORAVACEM cement plant: Milos Milojevic, Plant Manager and Katarina Pavlovic, Environmental Manager, talk about the administrative procedures for obtaining permits for thermal treatment of waste, inspections, MORAVACEM goals and achieved results in the field of fossil fuel substitution.


We dedicated the third CIS Podcast to TITAN Cement Group's experience in co-processing. The guest of the podcast Alexandros Katsiamboulas, TITAN Cement Group ESG performance Director, talks about the key role of alternative fuels for the transition from linear to circular economy, the functioning of co-processing in the cement industry, the rate of fossil fuels substitution with alternatives fuels in EU countries, and also about TITAN’s decades-long experience and achievements in the use of alternative fuels around the world.

In this podcast you will learn more about benefits on the environment, society and economy; way of monitoring, measuring and reporting of emissions by cement producers, as well as about the measures that TITAN Cement Group establishes in all its plants, in order to ensure the safety and health of its employees, contractors and co-citizens.

On this occasion, we asked Mr. Katsiamboulas about the readiness of TITAN cement plant in Kosjerić for the use of alternative fuels, bearing in mind the potential of TCK to contribute to the reduction of waste landfilling at the nearby region by co-processing alternative fuels.


In the fourth Podcast show, we talk about co-processing as a long-term solution for sustainable waste management in Serbia. Roland Fekete, director of industrial ecology at Lafarge Serbia and Marko Milacic, director of Sapphire Serbia, excellent experts, persistent in their intentions and still with enough enthusiasm, will share with us the truth, which we are looking with our eyes closed.

In this show, you will find out: Why is garbage not waste and to whom does it matter? What does a thorny path look like when the general interest becomes the concern of the individual? Is there any hope that as a society and a system, from carelessness and inaction, with thoughtful premeditation, we will return to the right path of development of the waste management system in Serbia, and if so, how?


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