Public consultation - Draft Law on Liability for Environmental Damage

Lafarge Serbia hosted a public consultation on the draft Law on Liability for Environmental Damage, organized by the Ministry of the Environment, the OSCE Mission in Serbia and the ARHUS Center Novi Sad.

The goal of EU policy in the field of environment is to promote sustainable development and the environment protection  for present and future generations. This policy is based on preventive activities, the principle „polluter pays“, the fight against environmental damage at source, shared responsibility and the integration of environmental protection into other EU policies. According to the provisions of the draft law, a polluter causing damage to the environment or creating an imminent threat of such damage should cover the costs of necessary preventive measures or remediation measures.

Participants in public consultations emphasized the exceptional importance of this Law and pointed out the problems and challenges related to its implementation in practice. Also, they had the opportunity to visit the factory complex of Lafarge Serbia and get acquainted with the already established system of integrated measures for the prevention and control of pollution caused by the cement production process.


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