Using of waste in cement kilns effectively ensures an economically effective reduction of pollution - TV PINK, National Journal

Global warming, air pollution, land and water pollution show clearly that economic growth that doesn’t considers environmental impacts already brings more damage than benefits. Environmental problems continue to grow although they are recognized as important in both national and transnational documents for more than decade.

The waste management system in Serbia is underdeveloped, and instead of separation at the source, most of the waste of various types is deposited in landfills, where it becomes completely unsuitable for recovery in cement kilns. The use of waste in cement kilns in Serbia is almost twice lower than the average in the EU countries, although the cement industry of Serbia has invested considerable resources and efforts to provide all the technical assumptions for its significant involvement in the production process.

Although the use of waste in cement kilns doesn’t implies only energy purposes, but waste also represents material that is incorporated into the final product, the cement industry has done everything in its power to use the available quantities of waste in Serbia.

Video from National Journal TV Pink you can see here.


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