Koen Coppenholle, CEMBUREAU Chief Executive has held presentation on the topic: „The role and importance of the cement industry for the initiation of economic development“

Within the visit of the Business association of Serbian Cement Industry Mr. Koen Coppenholle, Chief Executive of the European Cement Association - CEMBUREAU, gave a lecture to the representatives of the relevant ministries of the Republic of Serbia and interested members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia about the role and importance of the cement industry, main actor of the construction sector, as an engine of economic development.

Message sent from this meeting was that the overall systemic approach in which economic, social and plans for improving environmental protection and waste management are harmonizing with the technical and technological capabilities of industry, keeping in mind the impact on their competitiveness and investment, is secure road that leads to the initiation of economic activities and development society as a whole.

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