Cement industry offers a solution for responsible waste management - RTS1, That’s how things stand

Waste is co-processed in cement kilns for more than 30 years and this practice prevails in developed countries of the world.

In addition to the fact that about 2.5 million tons of waste is generated annually in Serbia, and that cement factories nowadays substitute only just over 20% of fossil fuel with alternative ones, it is clear that there is capacity in cement production process for treatment of significantly larger quantities of waste material.

The basic limitation for CIS members is the insufficient quantity of waste suitable for use in cement kilns. Considering that in addition to the appropriate chemical composition, waste must be adequately pre-treated, the fact that there can be significant quantities of waste doesn’t mean that there are sufficient quantities suitable for use in cement kilns. Misunderstanding of this fact comes from ignorance of the production process itself, so most often it is wrongly thought that any kind of waste can simply be burned in cement kilns. This wrong belief is often the basis of suspicion and resistance for the use of waste in cement kilns because it creates an unreasonable fear that use of waste in cement kilns will increase pollution emissions.

Video report emitted in TV show “That’s how things stand” you can see here.


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