Co - processing in cement production - an ecological future

The Association of the Cement Industry of Serbia (CIS), which gathering three cement factories - Lafarge Srbija, CRH Serbia and Titan Cementara Kosjeric, organized an educational visit of the facility at the factory Lafarge Serbia under the title "Change is starting from us", with the aim of introducing media representatives with the process of producing cement as well as the effects of using fuel produced from waste on the production process, the quality of the final product and the environment.

"We believe that the change starts from each of us and that the role of Serbia's cement industry as a reliable partner in addressing local and regional waste management challenges will be recognized, as well as our solutions for the disposal of significant quantities of different types of waste in a safe, secure and controlled way, without any additional negative consequences for the environment, "said Dejan Milinković, director of the Association of the Cement Industry of Serbia.

The additional value of co-processing - consisting of the use of waste as a substitute for fossil fuels and primary raw materials in a single industrial process - must be recognized and encouraged through regulatory frameworks, in accordance with the waste management hierarchy and existing international conventions, was the conclusion of this visit.

Statements from this educational visit you can see hereand also here.


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